Intl alcohol industry helps Guizhou shake off poverty

2020-09-15 10:12:30 ciabe 3202

The 10th China (Guizhou) International Alcoholic Beverages Expo was held online and offline from Sept 9 to 13. The event featured exhibitions and displays, prioritized exchanges between professionals from the alcoholic beverage industry and presented a powerful platform for domestic and international companies to engage in negotiations, cooperation and innovative development.

The decade-old expo has acted as a turbocharger to advance win-win cooperation in the global wine and spirits industry and Guizhou's wine industry development. The event has also witnessed the province's incredible progress on poverty alleviation.

The booze-focused expo has the goal of "displaying good alcoholic beverages from around the globe and promoting cooperation and exchange." It has worked to realize this goal through online activities, cloud negotiations on investment and trade of alcoholic beverages, the coordination of purchasers and exhibitors and online product releases.

By manufacturing world-class alcoholic products, fostering top-notched wine and spirit companies and production areas, Guizhou aims to propel China's wine industry to global recognition and help international companies access Chinese alcoholic beverage producers.

The successful completion of this year's expo stands as a testament to China's victory over the novel coronavirus epidemic. The showcase featured a combination of online and offline activities to offer a comprehensive platform for negotiations, collaboration and exchange.

By optimizing the exhibition of the alcoholic beverage-related industrial chain through online platforms, the 2020 expo extended its embrace to imported alcohol, baijiu, wine, beer, fruit and rice wine, healthcare liquor and compound wine.

The event's offline activities involved five pavilions and display areas, including a pavilion for regions that produce preserved wine, a pavilion for famous Chinese alcoholic beverages, a pavilion for provincial wine and spirit varieties and a pavilion for the full alcohol industrial chain.

The 50,000-square-meter exhibition area contained 1,500 standard exhibition booths to demonstrate alcoholic beverage-related products that use data, technologies and devices through the full industry chain, as well as wine derivatives, cultural products and more.

The event also strived to propel the "wine+cultural travel" development scheme, extend industrial chains, increase added value and forge world-class liquor industry clusters.

The expo is a significant contributor to the recovery of economic and social development in Guizhou, and its efforts to notch up poverty alleviation.

This year's expo provided 66 free exhibition booths to showcase superb alcohol-related products from State-level poverty-stricken counties.

As of now, contracts for 41 investment and trade projects with an aggregate sum of 17.57 billion yuan (2.57 billion) have been signed. Of these, 7.5 billion yuan is related to the wine trade and industrial cooperation programs.

The agreements are an active measure to rev up the industrial revolution in rural areas and to boost the export of Guizhou-made commodities.

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