Intl alcohol expo celebrates 10 years of success

2020-09-15 10:20:05 ciabe 3264

Since it was first held in 2011, China (Guizhou) International Alcoholic Beverages Expo has seen its reputation grow. It has been honored among the Top 10 Brand Exhibition Programs in China since 2015, passed UFI certification and ISO quality management system certification in 2017, and is the sole international professional expo for alcoholic beverages to be granted dual accreditation in China.

The expo propels win-win cooperation in the global wine industry. Every Sept 9 for the past 10 years, wine industry elites from around the world have gathered in Guizhou to connect with friends.

The expo has grown into a pageant of global wine culture, a feast for good wine and a grand ceremony for cooperation, with an aggregate sum of 1.2 trillion yuan ($175.7 billion) of trade secured. A total of 150,000 purchasers and 14,000 exhibition companies have been involved in the event over the past decade.

By facilitating full industrial-chain development of its wine industry over the past decade, Guizhou has achieved a province-wide output of wine totaling 274,000 kiloliters, with its scaled industry seizing an incremental value of 108.9 billion yuan and a profit approaching 60 billion yuan, up twofold, 6.8 times and 6.7 times, respectively. Guizhou ranks atop the domestic liquor industry, with 3.5 percent of China's total output and 42.4 percent of its total margins.

By adhering to the two principles of development and ecology over the past decade, Guizhou has energetically launched three strategic initiatives: big poverty relief, big data and big ecology.

The province has achieved a strong performance, ranking top three for economic growth rate for nine consecutive years and placing first for economic growth rate for three straight years. Its economic aggregate has soared from 26th place to 22nd place nationwide.

Guizhou has been using the wine industry to combat poverty in the past decade, allowing more impoverished people to step into production and operation jobs in wine-related industries.

The wine industry is a reliable sector and a great contributor to poverty relief efforts. As its impoverished population plunged from 9.23 million in 2012 to 308,300 at the end of last year, Guizhou's reputation has shifted from a poor province packed with distressed people to one with great success aiding its poverty-stricken population.

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